Healing in a Group of Women

By happenstance recently, I fell into a Writer’s Group that meets right across the street from the home that I bought last month. While sledding with my daughter, we noticed a little girl about her age playing across the street.  So we walked  over and introduced ourselves and, come to find out, the woman who lives there holds a standing Writer’s Group with a large gathering of women several times a month.

When I attended my first meeting a few days ago, I felt as if I had found a tribe, which is saying quite a bit for me, who has always felt displaced in groups. Seemingly, the group wad made up of female archetypes, as if each woman there embodied some symbolic attribute of womanhood: each different. It was like nothing I’ve experienced before. I felt that together, we made up some kind of sacred circle of womanhood: a spectrum.

The gathering was centered on creating a “Vision Board” for 2018, and I was so fortunate to witness so many women’s dreams for the New Year, and also to share my own, with a little  music accompaniment from Mary Chapin Carpenter, for inspiration:


I’d like to put some affirmations out into the universe this year, as I try to embody these attributes:

I love my job and take the time to fully engage, because I believe that academia can change and that I can be that change. Taking pride in my work is showing respect for myself.

I am a strong, kind, compassionate, loving mother and partner who takes the time to do the hard work because it matters

I take care of my body, mind, and spirit by attending to my fears and desires. I nourish myself and can trust myself to show loving kindness and compassion through healthy choices, movement, and meditation

I am a creative writer who feeds her passion to become a published author of books. I believe that my books will be finished and published, and that they will reflect my joy

I’ve bought a whiteboard to showcase these affirmations so that I can have them before me in my office each day. I will strive to feel these aspects as part of my reality.

What feast will you place before yourself this year, at the buffet table?

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